Monday, December 31, 2007

end of year top ten lists

one of my fave things that always arrive at the end of the year are best of lists. music. movies. books. you name it. i love reading them to find some bit of overlooked or previously un-enjoyed bit of beauty, or to remember once again something that i enjoyed during the year. below are a number of links to well known publications. i suppose to enhance my indie cred i should have some random dudes blog linked to his fantastic list mentioning movies and/or music i have never seen nor heard. but i didn't. most of this stuff is accessible. this is not about trying to outdo people with, so here are a few links to some great year end top ten lists,
from the post-dispatch.
a list by manohla dargis of the new york times
a top 25 by british entertainement sight empire.

side note: part of the beauty of lists like these are the conversations they begin, manohla dargis points this out in her article. and most the conversations are stirred more often by omissions than by inclusions. for instance, there are some glaring omissions on the empire list, and they had 25 chances to get it right. oh well.

on to music (just one):

random viral video:
this has to be my fave viral for the year. seriously. i can't even believe this is real. apparently these prisoners do a whole bunch of other dances. daily exercise, i guess.

hopefully i will get to my own list of top tens for music and movies. maybe ill do books next year. happy new year!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

it has been some and all. now i have some time that the primary holiday of the "holidays" is over i will post a bit more. here is an article on my favorite modern director, whose new film, there will be blood, will opening soon. can't wait!