Sunday, August 31, 2008


pictures will be forthcoming, but this past weekend i put together the first _____ground restaurant in the st. louis area. now, it may have happened and i just didn't know about it. but from what i was told by one of my esteemed customers, this was the first. and hopefully not the last. there are lots of ideas that i would like to put into place, cool locations, interactive menu's, fully educational experiences. the down side to all of this was that i cost my family nearly 300 dollars. we are not in the position to lose 300 bucks on any given weekend. from a business angle however "_____" made nearly 200 bucks. i don't want to get rich doing this but i would love it if there was a way i could make some money - support my fam - while doing what i really enjoy doing. i suppose we shall see.

last weekend i preached. i preached on genesis 48: this is the story of jacob blessing josephs two sons, ephraim and manasseh. jacob pulls a switcharoo and crosses his hands, giving the greater blessing to the younger of the two boys. joseph flips out. it occured to me that we are often much like joseph, we demand that god bless us a certain way, and if he doesn't we react with anger. there is this assumption, stated or not, that we are the ones that have our best interest at heart, not god, and therefore we know what we need. so we demand that god bless us according to our needs. i need this, and if you don't bless me in this way, then you really don't love me and you really don't care. this is such a human impulse and i fall prey to it all the time. it routinely exposes my fundamental doubt about the goodness of god.

it feels good to put something up here. now that i am in school i have several hours at a time sitting in class during which i can, there will be more.