Monday, January 28, 2008


started back to school today. sitting in ethics taught by anthony bradley. first thing brought up was this stat...115 million "christians" in america. 56 million "evangelicals". 115,000 orphans. to quote, "how is it that we can't find 115,000 thousand families, out of 56 million people to adopt?" yeah. amen to that.
we've been talking about adopting...i suppose we'll see.

Friday, January 18, 2008

there will be blah

the title of this post is misleading. the movie is not blah. by movie i mean, there will be blood. just got home from seeing it at the tivoli. first thoughts, more later.
soundtrack: imposing, cacophonous, discordant --> a musical embodiment of daniel plainview's mania. this might seem a bit of a stretch, but i would argue that it is the music that elevates this movie from a otherwise interesting character study to a near transcendent story of human nature. just me.
Daniel Day Lewis: i have always loved his work. it is something about the intensity that he exudes that i have always found attractive. he is no disappointment here. it is a reprisal of sorts of his character bill the butcher from gangs of new york. minus the theatrics. he is devastating. evil. fascinating and yet repulsive. he is in short: mesmerizing. perhaps the most amazing performance i have ever seen.
paul dano: colorblind kid from little miss sunshine (top ten entry for last year). he was great as well. a bit shrill. but i suppose that was the plan.
paul thomas anderson: i looked at some of the boards on imdb, people go on and on.
"it's pretentious, it's self-indulgent." shutup. just....shutup. dudes telling a story, and he's telling it straight. "the pacing is so slow" a book doofus. why do movies have to have quick pacing. someone hasn't seen solaris - five minute long shots of bubbling creek beds or nighttime traffic...oh well. well done p.t., i wish i had your skillz.
as i said...more later. bed time for bonzo.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

top ten - music and movies

the following list is my top ten for both film and music. and in that order.

there will be blood
no country for old men
the darjeeling limited
bourne supremacy
rescue dawn
eastern promises
lars and the real girl

honorable mention: eagle vs. shark, gone baby gone, 3:10 to Yuma
honorable mention for movies i haven't seen yet: juno, the savages, atonement, persepolis, and 4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days

radiohead - in rainbows
the national - boxer
fiest - the reminder
iron and wine - the shepherd's dog
menomena - friend or foe
arcade fire - neon bible
glen hansard and marketa irgolova - the swell season
andrew bird - armchair apocrypha
band of horses - cease to begin
rogue wave - asleep at heaven's gate

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

building anticipation

i've already said i can't frickin wait for this movie. another article raising expectation. the problem with heightened expectations is that they are almost always not met. i find that movies that come with big expectations, especially critical praise, are almost always a letdown. i hated american beauty. i probably would have like it if it hadn't been a critics wetdream. anyway. well see.