Wednesday, April 23, 2008

beauty and justice

so, this saturday our ijm chapter (that's pretty unofficial as far as i know - we are just four people that care about justice) at covenant are putting on a benefit concert. pretty excited about it. i am supposed to say something between acts and one of the things that strikes me is the contrast between a bunch of hip twenty thirty somethings swilling drinky drinks and listening to good tunes and young girls enslaved in brothels. two more disparate things i do not think could exist in the world. but there you go. through the one we hope to effect the other.
surprisingly i don't think the spheres of justice and beauty are all that far apart. rather they are two faces of one coin. or two petals of one flower. in beauty we know what god loves, what he celebrates and what he has made us to enjoy. by exposing ourselves to beauty we begin to get a picture of what the end of justice is. in experiencing beauty we know what it is to long for disordered things to become ordered. in beauty we see the end product of justice. things made right. things made beautiful.
certainly there are those who have articulated these things more profoundly than i, but i cannot help to be conscious of the fact that we are with one hand firmly planted in the mud and muck of a fallen world and with the other reaching upward toward a future hope of things made right.

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angela said...

very well-put. thanks for articulating that.