Wednesday, May 21, 2008

walla walla = water water

my brother and i made the trek yesterday as soon as i got off the airplane in boise. what seemed uneventful at first become a tad adventurous when the windshield wipers stopped working mid downpour. the trip to walla walla took four hours, through narrow passes and over the blue mountain range. we caught up on our dysfunctional family, and generally shot the shit.
we arrived at waters winery sometime around 5ish, and after a quick wine sampling and a tour of the place we settled down to prep work. we were preparing a five course meal for some hotshots out of napa valley. white asparagus and fried egg yolks - course one. mix green salad with herbed chevre and asparagus tips - second course. third, wild salmon and a spicy asian slaw. fourth - grass fed beef on risotto. final dish was just a cheese plate of local cheeses. periodically throughout the process of cooking and serving the meal, justin, the owner of
vapiano winery, would bring a bottle of some good wine for us to try. nothing less than a hundred dollar bottle. quite a bit of wine was drunk along with the excess food left over.


David Richmon said...

Sweet deal, looking forward to hearing, seeing more.

john-jack said...

dude - i forget, are you in seattle?

David Richmon said...

Unfortunately, no; not until July. I went for 3 days last week, but it was for a funeral, so I didn't get a chance to do much outside of spending time with the fam. What's on your itinerary for next week? Enjoy your trip.