Monday, May 4, 2009

long time, and i promise

so, it has been a long time since i have written something here. i especially need to write on a more consistent basis. not because i think that people have to know every detail of my life, but for my own sake. and if anyone gets any pleasure from reading what i throw up on this sight, then that's great. i have less than one week left in seminary. it's been six years and i can't wait to be done. but to be honest it sort of feels like i am coming to the end of a cliff and in one week i am going to be falling off the edge, without a parachute.
on another note, check this out!! sounds pretty cool. and that guy in the picture looks familiar.

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Will K said...

Woohoo, thank goodness. After months of checking your blog every few're finally posting again!

Yeah, that guy does look familiar; I think he tried to sell me some fake-gold watches on the Kingshighway the other day.