Wednesday, June 18, 2008

too long

it's been too long since i have written something on here, and i have a lot of things to write about: the end of my/our trip to seattle, father's day, the death of a close friend, an iron and wine concert, various ice cream making experiments, the impending death of my "c" key on my computer keyboard, and a reahearsal dinner catering gig in a week which should be a blast...oh well, i'll do it later.
in the meantime for all of the facebookers, enjoy this article from slate on facebook etiquette.


Anonymous said...

your blog is really interesting. please continue writing. im an atheist studying religion with much the same taste in music and movies as yourself. sylvia plath got me to your blog. i am curious about the "state" you were in which you reference in your bell jar entry.

l said...

thank you anonymous. i don't get a ton of responses, so anytime i get one, especially a positive one it makes me happy. so thanks. atheist studying religion huh? sounds a little bit like a blind man studying art. i admire the willingness to study something you don't believe in. it's gutsy. :)
regarding my "state"...i was reading that book during a pretty turbulent time and the easiness of a way out of all that shit was appealing. a book like that has a certain power to it, especially if you are in a vulnerable situation, which i was. anyway. still here. still pecking away at the keyboard every now and then.
happy reading.