Wednesday, July 16, 2008

retiring the clogs, etc.

two days ago i recieved my new clogs, the mario batali bistro edition. still orange, but now with an improved grippy sole on the bottom. no more slipping. i am working at another restaurant in town. this one is called niche. a contemporary american bistro. today is my second day and i am running the lunch station, first day of lunch. yikes stripes!
anyway, i will write more later.
i am leading worship on sunday. this also is another first. i am a bit terrified of it. after all, how does one lead others in worship when he himself finds worship to be elusive and difficult to experience?


Jesse D. Heirendt said...

I fully understand what you mean about worship. I too have a difficult time really connecting to God through worship at church. I know that we are called to worship God, but I think that for me the traditional worship rarely leads me to true worship. Ive found that for me silent prayer or other prayer practices are more often the only way that I can shut out the distractions. If you find out what works please let me know.

David, Ashley, and Samuel said...

So sorry to see the orange clogs retire. I am glad you went with the bistro edition. I think they would be more appropriate for worship at Central.