Thursday, February 21, 2008

another mccain bit...

another bit from hannity and colmes (Yuck! bleghh, cough, spit) this time it is a lawyer who once worked for bill clinton and is a registered democrat. someone else said this, and i think it is true, there isn't anything that will rally the republican base quicker than a hit piece by the new york times on a presumptive candidate.
the thing that makes this story have the possibility of sticking is mccain's previous involvement in the keating five. the keating five were five senators who received substantial campaign contributions from charles keating, president of the lincoln savings and loan, and subsequently discouraged investigation of him after the lincoln savings and loan went belly up in 1989. none of this is new of course, and mccain has done much to ammend the mistakes of that time, most notably his writing of the mccain-feingold bill. it will be fascinating to see what happens in the coming weeks.


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