Monday, February 11, 2008

worst show on television

truthfully there are too many shows that would qualify for such a distinction. but the object of my ire tonight would have to be csi:miami.
a few years ago when 24 was on mondays, my wife and i would switch from fox to cbs to watch the first five minutes of csi for just one reason. horatio caine's (david caruso) ridiculous one liners. this is the way every show starts off. sweeping shots of miami/south beach, a scene involving numerous scantily clad women and some studs in wife beaters. a murder. then horatio caine comes on the scene, dramatically puts on his sunglasses and says something ridiculous.

frank: he should have known.

horatio caine: (in a way too dramatic voice) "frank, knowing (pauses and puts on sunglasses) is half the battle" (cue theme music)

my favorite, the last one was made up, is: "you don't get up and run away after you fall four stories." Horatio: "you do...(pause, put on sunglasses) if you've got something to hide."


Vixen said...

Caruso AND his one-liners are completely insane

renna said...

That's why it is a consistent Top Ten show. Perhaps it's not them; just maybe it's YOU!

Anonymous said...

A quick spelling lesson or 2 might be in order instead of spending so much time critiquing tv.

Anonymous said...

It is CARUSO and his sucking performance. The man is a joke. Being in the Top ten doesn't mean Caruso can act or that the show is good. People watch because they like to LAUGH and make fun of douchebag CARUSO

john-jack said...

thanks for the spelling heads-up "anonymous"...obviously i don't spend that much time critiquing television since i didn't even know how to spell horatio caine's name properly.

it's amazing. i never get any traffic except my friends on this sight, i mention csi:miami and whammo! paris hilton drops a reply. how bout them apples!

Cole said...

Yeah, David Caruso brings out the worst in people