Tuesday, February 5, 2008

huck and chuck

i surprised myself today. i was decided prior to today's vote, i was going to vote mccain. but, i voted for huckabee. i don't know. i figured in so many ways it was a free vote if that makes sense. plus, i just like the guy. perhaps you heard about this...he has managed, as an evangelical candidate, to appeal on some level to the late night crowd.
not to mention he has had a budget of zero. he spent, in winning iowa, 400,000 dollars in comparison to romney's 8 million. holy smokes people.
okay, the reason for this post. this one just takes the cake.


BS said...

Despite my initial inclination, despite his LifeWay Christian silliness at times, and since he changed his stance on the smoking ban across America, I wound up voting for Huckleberry Hound too.

john-jack said...

yeah, its funny it was a bit of a toss off vote. i mean, the guy bases his pro-israel stance on a misguided eschatology. but...
i also disagree with his immigration plan...can't have it all i suppose.

stephen said...

i voted for barack because he is just plain sexy. really, he is inspiring, humble, and refreshing. i line up more with mccain than anyone else, but my vote for barack was more a vote against hillary. she is the consummate robotic politician and i don't need that.

barack somehow has me hypnotized though i don't really line up with him on the issues