Tuesday, February 19, 2008

local farming

listen. for those of us that long to promote a more communally focused lifestyle, and want to promote those businesses that do things the right way i want to promote your local CSA. Community Sustained Agriculture seeks to provide local, mostly organic, fresh food. The setup is that you bay a basic price for each of five categories (meat, fruit and veg, dairy, grain, and misc.). You don't get to choose your food, you simply get a certain amount of whatever is fresh and in season. For 50$ a week you can get a smattering of each category. Each week food is brought to a central pick-up place and you pick up your food. Also, you can contribute some of your food each week to a food charity if you so choose. This would be a great thing to encourage in your local churches, especially if it is a city church...
click here to see one of the CSA groups in St. Louis.


jsa said...

I'm right there with you, but holy cow that's a lot of money for not a lot of food.

john-jack said...

it's not a lot of meat, but that's nearly ten pounds of veg, which is pretty good. you'd probably spend that much at soulard, it would be considerably more at schnucks. but the thing is that sustainability brings with it an unfortunate cost factor...and i don't blame anyone for deciding it is simply to expensive to go that route. on the other hand, the more people partake of a program like this one the less expensive it will become...at least, ideally.
thanks josh