Monday, February 11, 2008

the problem with politics

it's simple, all politics is driven by a misguided meta-narrative.
the political meta-narrative is this...we may be screwed up, but the only reason is that the proper person/persons are not in office. if elected, this person will... if passed, this bill will...

the biblical meta-narrative is this. we are fallen, and this fallenness extends to every area of our life and thus brings a brokenness to bear in those areas as well.

some folks i know might say, "that is why the founding father's created a system of check and balances." forget for just a moment the historical problems with such a answer to what? even if i were to grant you that point for a moment, what difference does that make now? even if that were true, it has no affect on whether or not the current narrative driving the political machine is one that has as its foundation a decidedly un-biblical stance.



Will K said...

What, you dont believe in pietistic progress? You don't think Christian's have it as their primary duty to hold office and mandate/legislate righteousness? You don't imagine that sin works from the bottom up only?

Those who believe such things are the same who accuse Christ, the Church, and all Christians of being a scam and disappointment...because this system DOESNT WORK.

Good post John.

Will K

BS said...

BTW-we are using your last two posts in our class this Sunday.

This has been a four year process for me, and I'm still working out the kinks...
The way to effect real change in your country, your state, your city - is to effect change in your neighborhood. How? By being a good neighbor. How? By loving others more than you do yourself. By being hospitable. By taking care of the widow, the orphan, the sick, the imprisoned, the naked, the hungry, the thirsty, the foreigner. By working for justice for the oppressed. By setting out to reverse every aspect of the curse, RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE - working hard at your job, cleaning up a filthy vacant lot, recycling, painting a beautiful work of art, etc.. NOT VOTING. NOT LEGISLATING. NOT BY POLITICIANS.

WHY? Because this is what The King, the Messiah, did when he ushered in His Kingdom. And it effected change. And that change was very political. So political, it got him killed. So political, it got many of the early Church killed. So political, it gets many Christians killed today. When Christians effect change, by carrying out what Jesus commanded them to do, the powers that be will ask why you do so. And when you say, "Because Jesus is King," that's POLITICAL.

And eschatologically, that's the politic that's going to win in the end.

john-jack said...

that's awesome. good stuff. and you know i know you're right. :)

BS said...

Funny how the CSI:Miami/David Caruso slam gets more attention.